I have an addiction, and I’ll freely own up to it. I am addicted to the written word. As a child, I loved reading, and I still do. But I gave up paperbacks for Kindle books (and I am rarely ever without my Kindle) shortly after the Kindle 2 came out, and I’ve updated as they’ve given me options. (See my Sony Reader, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kindle Touch, and Kindle Paperwhite.)

But what I really love, beyond even reading, is writing. I take my thoughts, I make characters, I make plots, and I put it all on paper. With technology, that upgraded to computerized documents, spreadsheets, and plot organization software. I love technology. Personally, I very nearly live for that feeling you get when you finished writing a really great scene, and it came out even better than you had planned it in your head. ¬†And when a novel is finished, and you can sit back and say “I’m happy with that”? Just about the greatest feeling in the world.

This blog is to share my love of writing and to let you know what my works are all about. There is meaning in everything, and after working for so many hours on each novel, I’d certainly hope there is meaning there. I can’t think of a better way to tell you as the reader about the meaning in what I’ve done than to write a blog that will give you insight into who I am and my writing paths and decisions. Besides, I can use it to give you updates on what is happening in the world of writing and producing my novels and getting them out to all of you.

Thank you for reading!

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